Doorside Delivery

What is Doorside Delivery?
Doorside Delivery is a contactless delivery service provided by the Library to bring your materials on hold directly to your home.  There is no charge for this service and it is available to all valid GHPLD cardholders.

Do patrons have to be homebound?
Patrons do not have to be homebound in order to take advantage of this service.  All valid GHPLD cardholders are eligible.

Are there any limitations to this service?
All holdable materials are eligible to be delivered.  We ask that patrons place no more than five holds at once so that we can accommodate your delivery.  Patrons are eligible for delivery once per week.

Can items be returned when staff deliver materials on hold?
We are not accepting returns at this time, other than from patrons who are homebound.  The Library’s exterior book drop on 103rd street is open for returns 24/7.

How do patrons take advantage of this service?
Patrons interested in Doorside Delivery should place items on hold through the online catalog or by calling the Library at 708-598-8446.  Patrons will receive notification when items are available for pickup via the preferred method of contact in their account.  Upon receipt of this notification, patrons should then contact the Patron Services Desk at 708-598-8446 ext. 110 to request delivery of these holds.  Patron Services staff will set up an appointment for delivery to occur.

Are patrons automatically signed up for this after taking advantage of it once?
Before a scheduled delivery, staff will check our available holds to see if there are any new holds available.  However, in general, patrons will need to request delivery with each new item that is available on hold.

Do I have to be home to receive the delivery?
We recommend that you be home during the delivery window to ensure that you receive your items.  Though this is a contactless service, once the items are delivered, they are the patron’s responsibility.

What happens during delivery?
Upon arrival, the delivery staff will place the bag at the doorstep and ring the doorbell.  For apartment and condo buildings with a vestibule, items will be left in the vestibule.

Do you have another question that wasn’t answered here?
Call us at 708-598-8446.