Displays and Exhibits

As part of its mission, the Library provides information through both displays and exhibits provided from the Library’s own collections and/or through those of other non-commercial community organizations or individuals.

Applications from external organizations or individuals to use display or exhibit space shall be considered by the Head of Adult Services, in the order they are received, on the basis of suitability, timeliness, and availability of space.  The Head of Adult Services shall determine the length of the display or exhibit.  Suitable material is any materials which is appropriate in subject matter and size.  The Library welcomes materials that are educational, cultural, intellectual, or recreational in nature.  Approval of a display or exhibit does not indicate the Library’s endorsement of information.

As the purpose of displays and exhibits is to enhance the culture and education of the general public, no prices may be displayed on any materials.  An exhibitor’s name, telephone number, and brief biographical information may be made available to an interested party.

Set up and removal of a display or exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor.  Materials distributed in displays or exhibits must comply with all other applicable policies.  The Library reserves the right to remove displays or exhibits that violate this policy and any other applicable policies, or if the exhibitor does not remove their display or exhibit by the agreed upon date.

All displays and exhibits will be given reasonable care and protection, but the Library does not assume responsibility for damage or loss suffered on its premises.

For more information on the Library’s display cases or to check for availability, please contact Kristen Human at 708-598-8446 ext. 128 or khuman@greenhillslibrary.org.