We are part of SWAN!

Green Hills Public Library District is the newest member of the SWAN library consortium!  What does this mean for you?  You now have access to the entire SWAN catalog, which includes over 8.5 million items.  You can also expect easier checkouts at other SWAN libraries and less waiting for popular materials, among other things.


Does this change increase my taxes?
No, this migration will not increase your taxes paid to the Library District.  GHPLD was previously a standalone Library, not participating in a network like SWAN.  We have fit this within our operating budget so the only increase patrons will experience is with access and service.

What is SWAN?
SWAN is an organization formed by Illinois libraries and run by Illinois libraries.  Its roots go back to 1974 when the network started with nine public libraries.  Over the decades, the network has grown.  The concept of SWAN is simple: every library has something unique or popular to share.  With this migration, GHPLD residents will gain access to the resources available through SWAN.  Likewise, we will be able to share with others in the system.

How many libraries can I borrow from now?
GHPLD will be part of a much larger network of sharing libraries.  There will be 96 libraries to request material from or visit with your GHPLD Library card.

If we are sharing our materials with other SWAN members, will I have to wait longer for items on hold?
GHPLD patrons will have priority for GHPLD items, meaning you’ll still receive copies of our new materials before patrons at other libraries.

Do I have to get a new library card?  Will it still work at other libraries?
You can keep using your same GHPLD Library card.  It will work with all of the other libraries in the SWAN network as well.  Your library barcode and PIN will remain the same.

Will my PIN change?
If your PIN is numeric, it will not change.  If your PIN is not numeric, it will be changed to the last four digits of your phone number on record.  If you do not have a phone number in your library record, please see someone at GHPLD as soon as possible.   Once we are live in SWAN, you will be able to request a new PIN if you have an email address associated with your account.

Will fines change?
Fines are determined by the library where you checked out items.  Fine changes will not occur with GHPLD’s migration into SWAN.

How have the loan rules changed?
Loan and checkout rules should remain unchanged or very closely aligned with current practice.  Our current circulation rules can be found on our About Us page under General Policy Manual.  Keep in mind that you can visit any of the SWAN consortium libraries with your GHPLD Library card and check out items.  The circulation rules of the library where the checkout happens are applied.

Does this affect ebooks?
No, your ebook usage should not be affected by your Library transition to SWAN.  There might be some disruption at the end of January 2019 when we switch everything over, but everything should end up working as it has for you.  The authentication process for ebooks will remain the same once we have transitioned to the SWAN consortium.

Will I lose courtesy renewals?
SWAN refers to courtesy renewals as auto-renewals.  Items you have checked out will auto-renew as many times as allowed by GHPLD, if eligible, when no other patrons have placed a hold against that item.  If there are holds for the item, then it will not be auto-renewed.  Email notices are sent indicating which items were and were not renewed.  Also, courtesy notices will be sent for items which are due and could not be renewed.

How does this affect interlibrary loan of materials?
Items requested from other libraries all follow the same process of moving to a central hub through the delivery system.  This means that items coming from a longer distance do not necessarily take longer to arrive at your local library than a nearby library.  On average, it takes three days for an item to arrive at your library once it has become available.  The best part of ordering books from other libraries is that now you will be able to initiate the request on your own, minimizing paperwork and wait times.  GHPLD will still have access to other interlibrary loan catalogs for items that are rare and hard to locate.

Will my checkouts be the same if I borrow from another library?
The number of items you can check out is determined by GHPLD.  Which items you can check out and the loan period, as well as fines, and auto-renewals are determined by the library you check the item out from.

Will I continue to receive email notifications?
Yes.  Email users will still continue to receive email notifications for overdue notices, hold pickup notices, and bill notices.

What email address will my notifications come from?
Email notifications are sent from sirsi@symphony.swanlibraries.net.  We recommend allowing any email from *.swanlibraries.net to be accepted by your mail system.

Can I sign up for text message notifications?
Yes.  This is a new feature within SWAN and once we officially migrate, you will be able to select text messaging as your notification preference.

Can I sign up for notifications in different languages?
Currently email and print notices are generated in English, Spanish, and Polish. The language selected is determined by your preferred language setting.  By default, this language is English.  If you would like to select Spanish or Polish, please contact someone at GHPLD to change your language preference setting.  This setting must be changed by staff.

Do you have another question that wasn’t answered here?  Call us at 708-598-8446.