Staff Area Project

The Green Hills Public Library District will begin a construction project in Spring 2022 focusing on staff areas.  We have provided some background information on the Project, as well as some frequently asked questions below.

About the Project

The Staff Area Project includes a reorganization of existing space, renovation of former storage area, and a building addition on the north side of the Library.

Usage at Green Hills Public Library District has trended upwards over the last 15 years, signifying that the community is engaging with the Library more.  Some services remain steady while others have shown a substantial increase, including computer usage, reference transactions, and program participation.  Our analysis of usage data concluded that there is a need for sustaining and enhancing popular services while monitoring new needs as they emerge in the community.  In response, we examined areas needing improvement that would allow us to grow with our community.

The Library identified staff spaces as an area of concern without room for growth.  A space analysis was conducted by our architect, StudioGC, and it was found that space availability and utilization were no longer efficient for the Library’s needs.  Following this determination, we further worked with StudioGC to develop plans that would appropriately respond to the space issues in the staff areas.  In November 2021, the Board awarded a contract to Construction, Inc. to complete the project in 2022.

Update 3/10/2022: Beginning the week of March 14, 2022, some areas of the north parking lot will look a little different as construction begins.  To ensure everyone’s safety during construction while continuing to offer core Library services, please be aware of the following:

  • Part of the north parking lot will be fenced off and inaccessible to the public, including the east driveway.
  • The outdoor book drop remains open 24/7, but will be accessible as a walk-up drop-off only.  Patrons may temporarily park their vehicles in the north parking lot in order to return materials to this book drop.
  • The east walking path will be inaccessible until further notice.
  • The Better World Books bin for book donations has been moved to the south parking lot, where donations will continue to be accepted.
  • The paper retriever has been moved offsite temporarily.  We anticipate having this bin back onsite when construction is complete.


When will the Project begin?
We anticipate construction to start in March 2022.

Will the Library be closed during construction?
The Library plans to remain fully open throughout the Project, with little to no disruption to services.   Any updates will be posted on this webpage.

How does this Project benefit the community?
While the Staff Area Project primarily focuses on staff workspaces, it is the use of these spaces that allow staff to properly carry out functions and provide excellent service to the community.   The Library will gain additional square footage through the building expansion, and the newly reorganized and renovated areas will provide for an improved utilization of existing space.  The completed Project will allow staff to efficiently offer new, innovative services as we see additional changes in the needs of our community.  In addition to new services, patrons can expect to see sustained or enhanced services that have proved to be popular and in-demand.  In short, this Project allows the Library to grow along with the community.

How will you pay for this Project?
The Library will pay for this Project with our Special Reserve Fund.  This Fund was established in accordance with the Illinois Public Library District Act, and provides that funds may be used for capital projects such as repairing, remodeling, or improving an existing library building; or erecting a building.  This does not increase taxes, nor does it impact the Library’s annual operating expenditures.

When will the Project be completed?
We anticipate construction to be completed by early Fall 2022.

If you have additional questions about this Project, please contact Library Director Jane Jenkins at