About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Green Hills Public Library District is to inspire lifelong learning and exploration by connecting the community with information and providing exceptional customer service.

Our Vision

The vision of the Green Hills Public Library District is a community in which every resident and organization has access to the information and resources necessary to optimize educational, social, economic, and civic outcomes in a dynamically changing world.

Our Values

Customer Experience: Providing exceptional customer service to all community members through professional and knowledgeable employees.

Exploration: Cultivating curiosity and lifelong learning among community members through the exploration of resources.

Innovation: Embracing opportunities to encourage creative ideas and solutions.

Collaboration: Fostering cooperation among employees and in the community by actively seeking local partnerships.

Inclusiveness: Ensuring all community members have the opportunity to utilize and benefit from materials, services, and programs.

Stewardship: Serving as a responsible steward of the community’s resources and maintaining transparency at all levels.


Strategic Plan: 2018-2020

General Policies Manual

Library District Boundaries

Freedom of Information Act Policy

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